Hospital Carers Support

Sarah Jarvis support the carers and family members of patients that have been admitted into hospital.

Sarah Jarvis

It can be a confusing and worrying time when you have a loved one in hospital, especially if you have been unable to visit them as much as you would like.  You may be concerned about their future care and how you may cope when they are discharged. You may have questions about care in your own home as well as how to access respite or residential care homes.

I can provide an opportunity for you to talk openly about any worries or concerns you may have around the discharge of your loved one. I can offer you advice and information about what support is available to you, your rights as a carer and the way in which you can obtain help for both you and your loved one. I can provide you emotional, practical and financial advice and support and can signpost you further to further services that can help you.

I have access and can communicate your concerns with hospital staff, hospital social workers, hospital discharge staff as well as links with other organisations that can support you during the hospital stay and discharge. I can accompany you during Discharge Planning and Best Interests meeting to ensure your views are supported and expressed.

We aim to ensure families have access to information, support and advice so they

  • Are more informed
  • Are safer at home
  • Are receiving all the benefits and support they are entitled to
  • Are involved in decisions that impact their lives
  • Are more connected to the community
  • Benefit from improved wellbeing and mental health
  • A benefits review and income maximisation
  • Information about a carers assessment.
  • Counselling
  • Legal advice
  • Many social activities and opportunities to meet other families who are caring
  • Grants for carers for white goods, short breaks and general items that might help you in your caring role.
  • We have volunteering opportunities
  • Therapies including massage and craniosacral therapy.