Who we are

Our History

Bridgend Carers Centre became a registered charity in 2008 but was established in 1999.

Bridgend Carers Centre specialises in the provision of information, support and short break opportunities to all carers throughout Bridgend County Borough.

Bridgend Carers Centre is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. It is governed by a Board of Trustees who are responsible for governance, strategy, policy and financial control.

Our Vision

Bridgend Carers Centre will provide the service and support to enable carers to carry out their role effectively while maintaining their own health, wellbeing and a life of their own.

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Our Mission

Bridgend Carers Centre’s mission is to make a positive difference to carers’ lives in Bridgend County Borough by providing support and information to reduce isolation and loneliness

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Our Values

Carers are supported with warmth and empathy.

Flexible and responsive
Carers are supported in a timely manner and in a way that is appropriate to the individual needs of the carer.

Carer centred
Carers views are the driving force and at the heart of the service offered.

Bridgend Carers Centre operates with a high moral code of  confidentiality, fairness and honesty.

Bridgend Carers Centre encourages and promotes partnership working.

Equality and diversity
Bridgend Carers Centre operates an inclusive service and actively opposes all forms of direct or indirect discrimination in its service provision.

Accountability and transparency
Staff and trustees operate an open and honest approach to service provision and accounts for its failures and successes

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Strategic Plan

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