Jo Mordecai

Hi, I’m Jo Mordecai.

I have been with the Carers Centre since June 2016. I am a Person Centred Systemic Counsellor (Bsc hons in systemic counselling) I am also a member of the BACP and attend monthly supervision which ensures that I am working ethically. 

I would just say that counselling is a completely unique experience (we never have a full hour to just focus completely on ourselves) It can sometimes be a strange and uncomfortable experience especially for Carers as so much energy and time is focused on the Cared for. 

It has huge benefits – a heightened self awareness, it can lead to clarity/acceptance on a tough, difficult situation (past and present), it can help identify changes to be made (sometimes very small) which can make a big difference. You can contact me via the Carers Centre and I am always happy to help.

“The calls that I receive from Joanna, are really a lifeline. I am a person who finds it incredibly hard to admit that I may be struggling mentally and emotionally, usually through my work and personal life I am always seen as the person with the shoulder to cry on. After my mum passed away I have felt lost and alone. Having the time to speak with Joanna, gives me that time to offload for myself, she is the listening ear at the end of the phone, patient and non judgmental. She allows me to “prattle” on, often about nothing but always about something. The time allows me to make sense of my feelings and to try and get my perspective back for my life. Thank you Jo for listening “