Young Adult Carers Service

We are here to support Young Adult Carers aged 16 – 25 across Bridgend

Young Carers Service Manager

Alissa Bevan

Hello, My name is Alissa and I support the Young Adult Carers. I have had the privilege of working with and supporting the Young Carers in Bridgend since January 2020. I am very passionate about my job role and have recently stepped into the Manager role. Helping to get Young Carers recognized is a vital part of my role to ensure they get the support and help they and are entitled to.

Young Adult Carers Support Worker

I started the role in Bridgend Carers Centre at the beginning of January 2023 and therefore, am relatively new to the team. I have been thoroughly enjoying getting to know all the young carers and supporting them within my role. I provide support to carers aged between 5 and 25 by going into their school or place of education and offering one to one support for them.

Alongside this role, I have been organising the activities for the Teens Group (children aged between 13 and 16). This is held once a month and is a good sense of escapism for the young carers. It allows them to be around people that they can relate to and form strong bonds with, which they find really helpful. Part of the job is also planning activities for the young carers to partake in during their half term breaks from school, this can include taking them bowling, or for food etc.

I have learnt a lot about young carers since I first started the role but am looking forward to continue to learn more and raise awareness of them through my work.

Young Adult Carers Group

We also run a monthly Young Adult Carer group for 16 – 25 year olds to have a break from their caring role and meet others in a similar situation. We offer training and skills workshops, fun activities and trips in the school holidays.

Face to Face Support

We provide emotional and practical support to help young adult carers to manage their caring role and the emotions that come with being a young adult carer. A chance to chat openly with us about things that may be troubling you

Education and Employment Support

We provide them with the support they need to manage their caring role alongside education or employment. We can help with CV writing, job/university applications, transport to interviews, interview prep and more..

Carers Grants

We can apply for grant funding for Young Adult Carers who are in a difficult financial situation to help fund things like household appliances, driving lessons, respite breaks and more..