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  • We recognise that caring is an important issue that affects our staff, volunteers and clients
  • Our staff know about the issues carers may face and the local support available to them
  • We will actively help people understand who carers are and the issues they may face
  • We will assign Carers Champions to be a point of contact for carers within the organisation and allocate them time to fulfil this role
  • We will ensure that all staff are responsible for providing good quality information and support to carers within our organisation
  • We will consider carers when implementing policies and procedures throughout the service


Name of Service:  Bridgend Carers Centre

Senior Manager Name:  Helen Pitt

Signature:hel sig

 Date:   16th June 2020

Meet Bridgend Carers Centre’s Senior Carers Lead and Carers Champion

Helen Pitt - Centre Manager


A Carers Champion is a member of the staff/volunteer team with an allocated responsibility for supporting carers within a service.

The Carers Champion Commitment

My commitment to Carers:

  • I will actively work to help my: colleagues, service users and the wider public understand who Carers are and the issues they may face
  • I will ensure that there is good quality and accessible information available for Carers within my service
  • I will work to continually improve the way that Carers are identified, informed, listened to and supported within my service
  • I will listen to Carers and endeavour to give them a voice within my service.

Helen can be contacted by calling 01656 658479

Contact us

Phone: 01656 658479
Fax: 01656 659498
Address: Bridgend Carers Centre, 87 Park Street, Bridgend, CF31 4AZ